QR04 Biblioteca (Library)

In the northeast zone of the semi-basement from the entry hall, we can access the current library of the castell through a large wood door decorated with coffered sections.

Before entering the library in the entrance to this space, on the right, we can see two ceramic tiles embedded in the wall in a rhomboid position. The interior of each tile is decorated with a lion’s head with yellow and orange tones on a white background, and on their snouts, there is an old iron hoop.

In the 16th century, this room was used for the former stables and there was a pozo (well) on the aljibe (cistern) which was used to supply water; the latter element is still conserved.

Currently, this room has a collection of bibliography sources of our Local History, the Valencian Renaissance and information about the castell d’Alaquàs, with the different Management Plan studies carried out prior to the restoration works, and books of all the published editions of the Alaquas Historical Investigation Magazine called “Quaderns d’Investigació d’Alaquàs”. Above all, the library is focused on investigation as well as the communication of the bibliographic and artistic heritage as a dynamic centre with a local collection with a clearly didactic task for the education centres, local groups and cultural associations. The library offers various services: consultation, book loans, obtainment of documents and digital on-line services.

The room’s ceiling is comprised by large wood beams installed in an east-west direction with revoltones (slab beam fill material). One of them is marked with a vara castellana (Castilian rod), the measurement used in the castle’s construction.


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