QR05 Claustro (Cloister)

The Claustro central porticado (Central portico cloister) is comprised by three Arcos carpaneles (Three-centered arches) on each one of its sides which rest on well-executed sturdy Pilares octogonales (Octagonal pillars).

In its northwest end, there is a pozo (well) with a depth of approx. 30 meters.

Next to it, there is the access to the Sala Vilaragut (Vilaragut Room) also in the semi-basement.Claustro-Galeria Superior C.JPG

On the left in the south section, there are two access doors to the building’s noble zone, the first in the middle of the wall-face with a Renaissance layout which was decorated with “yeserías” (plaster-works) whose remains are in a restoration process. The other entry is located in the southeast corner, currently used as the service door. Next to it, the entry to the dungeon which is now accessed through the administration zone, and on it, there is a stairway layout executed with red iron oxide paint (“sanguina”) in the earth wall-face.

A steam machine with a chimney was built in this space to manufacture rugs, and above all, the use of dyes.

The ceiling of the cloister corridor is resolved by a framework of wood beams. Large-scale diagonal beams are located in the corners.


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