QR08 Las Torres (The Towers)

In the interior part of the southwest and northwest towers of the castell, occupying a previously empty internal structure, stairways and lifts have been installed which facilitate accessibility to the different floors as well as the monument’s premises. In addition to these transport paths, different pathways and ramps have been designed for Persons with reduced mobility. Note that the northwest tower which was demolished in the 20th century was rebuilt in the Palace refurbishment process.


The crenelated towers of the castell have a height of 24 meters. Today, it is possible to visit the northeast tower. A vertical metal structure has been installed to access the battlements and view the entire town of Alaquas from this height. In reality, this tower has been simulated starting from the last floor, since the space required for the large rooms of the main floor made it necessary to sacrifice its entire vertical section. The northwest tower demolished in the 20th century was rebuilt in the refurbishment process.

Resultado de imagen de cuarta torre de alaquas


Curious fact: In 2003, the Town Council of Alaquas commissioned the association: “Art i Entorn” [Art and Environment] (comprised by the Professors of the Painting and Sculpture Departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia) with the construction of an element which would humanize one of the main entry roundabouts to our town. With expert technical advice, they created a large brick tower with a height of 24 meters that has a complex rotating structure. This element is a symbol of the fourth tower which is missing in one of the upper corners of the castell.





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